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The BeBop 1, Cover

Please submit this form if you are interested in inking, coloring or lettering pages, or would like to illustrate a cover.


General Contract Information

After submitting your interest in the project, the project editor will review your portfolio. The project editor will let you know if there are any current projects that you might be interested in. Once we've paired you with a script, we'll work out the details of the contract. Stories could range from 1 to 20 pages, and will likely include a cover.

The artwork produced will be Company Owned.

You will be working closely with the project editor and writer of the short story.

Assignments will be completed at a rate of 3 pages per week. Assignments will be reviewed within 2-5 business days.

Payment will be made upon completion. Page rates include revisions, if needed.

Only original content will be accepted. We have a no-tolerance policy for hate. Tasteful nudity is okay. Our issues are intended for mature audiences.


You may also email your submission to thebebop@birdseyecomics.com.