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The BeBop is an ongoing comic anthology aiming to bring together independent creators of all backgrounds. The BeBop differs from many other anthologies by not being tied to a particular theme or genre, but rather curated as a collection of thoughts and ideas.

The BeBop 1, Cover

- Its purpose is simple -

To provide an outlet for those little spark of genius ideas that you have at 1 am

To foster creativity in the comic book community

To publish and elevate unknown or up-and-coming talent

To bring together creators both seasoned and just getting started in a professional setting

To entertain readers with original, easy to commit to, short comics at an affordable price

To provide paid opportunities for creatives while allowing them to keep their intellectual property

We believe everyone has great ideas. From brief moments to one-off short stories to intros to a whole other universe, The BeBop serves as a platform to discover and share.


The BeBop is an anthology series showcasing independent comic book creators and featuring a variety of styles, topics, and stories ranging from 1-15 pages. Submissions to the issues will be selected by the editor and curated into a theme for the issue.

Last issue: The BeBop #1: Unexpectactions

Current issue: The BeBop #2: Bao Available for PreOrder

Next issue: The BeBop #3: PKD

Theme topics: The BeBop #3: PKD- Philosophy, Knowledge, Dystopia, a Philip K Dick inspired issue

Writer Submissions : OPEN

Artist Submissions : OPEN



We are currently accepting submissions for completed scripts. Scripts must be in an acceptable script format, between 1 and 10 pages in length.

There is no theme or prompt to follow. If a script does not fit into a specific issue, it will be considered for a future issue.

Interested in writing for The BeBop? View our submission page for more information and guidelines.


We're always looking for artists. Please fill out this form if you're interested in working on one of our projects.

Completed Comics

We are also accepting completed comics. You can submit a completed comic here.

General Contact Information

Please email us at thebebop@birdseyecomics.com with any questions.