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The BeBop 1, Cover

If you are interested in submitting a script for a current or future issue, please email the following information to thebebop@birdseyecomics.com.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Please briefly list your experience with comic books.
  • Social Media Links
  • Portfolio
  • Title of the work being submitted.
  • Page Rate: (Please note, rates are negotiable.)
  • Has this comic been published elsewhere?
  • Comic, pdf or shareable link ie. Google Drive, DropBox, etc.
  • Do you have a creative team? If so, please list your team members involved along with their social media links. They may also submit individual responses.
  • What are your plans for this comic? Is this a one-off short story? Does it feature characters from a world or universe created by yourself outside of this story?

General Contract Information

After submitting your completed comic, the project editor will review your submission. If approved, the editor will decide which issue your comic will be featured in. It may be featured in the current issue or a future issue. After approval, we will send a contract to accept the plans of publication. Below are the general contract terms given to most comic submissions.

The comic to be produced into a comic form will be Creator Owned. You own the rights to your comic and characters you may have designed. This will be a non-exclusive license agreement and you may publish the comic elsewhere.

Licensors will retain the rights to their comic. Whether the comic is a one-off story or part of a planned comic book series, the company will not have any rights to the continued or ongoing production of the comic in question.

The creator will allow the company to print and distribute the comic in a single anthology issue, as well as a collected volume of several issues. The creator will also give the company rights to produce and sell art prints, merchandise and novelty items with or based on the art from the featured comic for the purpose of promoting the collection.

The creator agrees to make editorial changes to the comic if necessary. These may include minor edits to dialogue, additional details in scene descriptions, or possibly scene rearrangement.

Payment will be made upon signing a licensing agreement and receiving high resolution files of the comic.

Only original content will be accepted. We have a no-tolerance policy for hate. Tasteful nudity is okay. Our issues are intended for mature audiences.

The comic will be printed at 6.875” x 10.5” full bleed with a trim size of 6.625”x10.25”. Feel free to submit your comic if it is a different size. We can usually make adjustments to make it work. We accept both color and black and white comics.

You may also email your submission to thebebop@birdseyecomics.com.