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  • Submission Updates


    Thank you all for your interest in The BeBop anthology!

    We have received an amazing amount of submissions and interest recently. The team has been busy gearing up for cons and fulfilling Kickstarter orders. Apologies if we have been slow getting back to you on your submissions. 

    Currently, we are back to reading though all of your wonderful ideas and working to complete The BeBop #2: Bao, with the submissions we have already accepted. 

    Keep your eyes peeled for Issue #3's theme announcement!Â ï»żï»żï»żï»żhint: it’s Philip K. Dick inspired. 

  • Upcoming Cons!

    The BeBop will be attending the following upcoming Conventions! If you are in the area or will be attending anyways come by and say hello.

    • Meadowlark Comic Con, August 28th, 2021
    • Rose City Comic Con, September 10th - 12th, 2021 Booth 1000
    • Emerald City Comic Con, December 2nd - 5th, 2021 



Elizabeth Craig

Elizabeth is heavily inspired by human connectedness and network theory, which she researched while getting her math and computer science undergrad. After dabbling in both the tech and education industries, she has brought her wealth of knowledge and creativity to the comic book industry. Her interests lie in working with artists and small businesses to help them create their brand and succeed in whatever creative ventures they aspire to. She specializes in lettering and web development.

web development lettering graphic design

Francis Sampieri

When he's not writing, Franky is pondering over his own existence in this mysterious world. Consistently pushing the boundaries of storytelling, his works focus on character development and genuine human connections, whether that be through comics, short films, prose, poetry, or charcoal drawings. Franky draws inspiration from creators such as Warren Ellis, Ed Brubaker, Quentin Tarantino, and Charles Bukowski. 

writer editor marketing

Jeremy Askegard

Like an unstoppable force, Jeremy rolls onto the comic book scene with a deep passion for creativity and success. The AUDYSSEY has been a long time dream for this hard-drinking tell-it-how-it-is writer. Jeremy's creative aspirations lie in the underdog's success, the hustle and struggles of everyday life. With experience in writing screenplays, prose and poetry, he's dedicated his full attention to see his vision come to fruition.

writer editor

Armando Clemente II

Writing may have started as a hobby for this well-read business major, but sharing his stories has become this writer's central focus. Since graduating he has reconnected with his deep love of comics and creative story-telling. Mando is an expert in zombies, monsters, and historical fiction. His creativity derives from the development and appreciation of deep lore. 

writer editor