City of Roses No. 1, Digital

City of Roses No. 1, Digital

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Maintaining the balance between his family and the club, Gabe ties up some loose ends before Dani’s big day. Micteca has troubling news and someone has a message for the Creepers MC.

About COR
City of Roses is a comic series written by Francis Sampieri about a fictional motorcycle club based in Portland, OR. The story follows Gabriel de Rosa, the level-headed leader of the Rose City Creepers MC in the new turbulent 20s. Corrupt city officials do nothing about a growing city’s major problems of drugs, crime, and gentrification, and what was once a very peaceful and prosperous time for the club is now becoming harder and harder to maintain.

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Written by Franky Sampieri

Illustrated by Epul Seapuloh 

Letters by Elizabeth Craig