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The BeBop #1: Unexpectations, Digital
The BeBop #1: Unexpectations, Digital

The BeBop #1: Unexpectations, Digital

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The BeBop is an ongoing comic anthology aiming to bring together independent creators of all backgrounds. The BeBop differs from many other anthologies by not being tied to a particular theme or genre, but rather curated as a collection of thoughts and ideas.

Creators from this issue: 

Abridged, written and illustrated by Aaron Williams

Battle of Machu Picchu, written by Francis Sampieri, based on a story by Zach Hales illustrated by Epul Saepuloh, lettered by Elizabeth Craig

BeBaaaap, written by Francis Sampieri, illustrated by Carlos Trigo, lettered by Elizabeth Craig

The Skeletal Guardian, from Cinder #1, written and illustrated by Zan Miller

Dinner Date, written by Jeremy Askegard, illustrated by Carlos Trigo, lettered by Elizabeth Craig

The Response, from The Dispatch 05, written by C. G. Salamander, illustrated by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj,  originally published in Dispatch by the Azim Premji Foundation

Eye of the Beholder, written by Dean Nevins, illustrated by Raymond Griffith, lettered by Toben Racicot

Galacto Pit-fighter, written and illustrated by Kirt Burdick

Hell Fight Club, written and illustrated by Dakota Freeman, lettered by Elizabeth Craig

Inheritance, written by Ryan O'Connell, inked by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj, colored by Sean Callahan, lettered by LetterSquids

Mr. Brown Stick Legs, original story by Chris Hicks, adapted by Elizabeth Craig and Francis Sampieri, illustrated by Jingle Jude, lettered by Elizabeth Craig

Outlaw Maggie Ann, written and colored by Sean Callahan, inked by John Broglia, lettered by Elizabeth Craig

Play the Part, written by Tyler Carlin, illustrated by Melody Calderon, lettered by Elizabeth Craig

Skull-Man: Man of a Thousand Skulls, written by Joseph Keatinge, inked by Stefano Cardoselli, colored by Sean Callahan, lettered by Elizabeth Craig


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Cover art by Jingle Jude, @jinglejude

Edited by Franky Sampieri