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The BeBop #2: Bao
The BeBop #2: Bao

The BeBop #2: Bao

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 Food. Family. Memories.

The BeBop is an ongoing comic anthology aiming to bring together independent creators of all backgrounds. The BeBop differs from many other anthologies by not being tied to a particular theme or genre, but rather curated as a collection of thoughts and ideas.

Creators from this issue: 

 A Leaf Falls written and illustrated by Madison Zeigler

Blood of an Englishman written and illustrated by Austin Kimmell

High Dive written by Ian David Jones, inks by Novanim, color by The Q Method

Home on a Plate written by Abdullah Humoud, illustrated by Christo Tandyo, letters by Elizabeth Craig

How to Win a Raid illustrated by Emmet O’Cuana, art by Jeferson Sadzinski and Marcela Corrêa Müller, letters by Cardinal Rae

Karmen written by Ryan Breadinc, art by Claire Donaghue, letters by Elizabeth Craig

Nonna’s House written by Dino Caruso, art and letters by Kacee Navarro

Out of Touch written by Matt Carr, edited by Paul Allor, inked Sergi Domènech, colored by Josh Jenson, lettered by Sean Rinehart

Season’s End written by Nicholas Poonamallee, illustrated by Epul Saepuloh, letters by Elizabeth Craig

Sharper written and illustrated by Aaron Williams

The Drawbook written and illustrated by Sam Purata

The Interview written by Tarni O’toole, inks by Wayne Lowden, colors by Sean Callahan,  letters by Elizabeth Craig

MurdruM written by Ryan O’Connell, art by Amanda Dourador, letters by Elizabeth Craig

First Hunt written by Jeremy Askegard, art by Rock Alves, letters by Elizabeth Craig

Fido written by Francis Sampieri, art by Epul Saepuloh, letters by Elizabeth Craig

Ghost Page written by Noah E. Dominguez, art by Jackie Reynolds, letters by Micah Myers

Cover art by Jingle Jude, @jinglejude

Edited by Franky Sampieri


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